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The Captain himself gracefully joins the other greats in Yankee history as one of the most well respected, most decorated ballplayers to put on a pinstripe uniform. 

The rap god Jay-Z said it best in his hit “Dear Summer”, “I’m done for now so one for now, Possibly forever, we had fun together But like all good things, we must come to an end”. This lyrical ideology can be put into context for the Captain, the living legend known as Yankee great Derek Jeter. Arguably the greatest hitting shortstop in MLB history, Jeter has been giving fans goosebumps this season, receiving ovations stadium after stadium, as his legendary 20th year in the “big show” comes to an end. The moment haven’t hit home for fans until tonight when Jeter takes the field the final time at Yankee Stadium as they go up against the newly crown AL East division champion, Baltimore Orioles. Even though the Yankees are eliminated from playoff contention, expect a sold out crowd and outlandish media coverage as the New Jersey icon continues to go out in style, class and grace just how he entered in the big leagues. Jeter’s impact on and off the game has rightfully made him a “larger than life” symbol for the sports industry and for the city of New York. A winner of 5 World Series championships, 5 Golden Gloves and 5 Silver Slugger awards, Jeter has been the prototype for many young athletes to look up to for becoming young achievers in the making. The 2000 All Star Game and World Series MVP represents a symbol to the true end of the Steinbrenner era, in which the deceased owner George Steinbrenner III signed the shortstop prodigy to help bring back that Yankee championship winning prominace they once had during the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Not as feisty and boldy expressive as the outspoken owner, Jeter let his game and actions do the talking, making legendary plays that will forever be revisited and admired for many years to come.


As another baseball season comes to a end, another legend takes his walk to the sunset of greatness. Jeter’s sportsmanship and class shows athletes around the world that it is alright to win with honor and be humble about your achievements. The pinstripe hitting machine is an prime example of being a great teammate and citizen to society on and off the field can get you to, and that is forever being immortalized as a walking baseball god for generations to come. Rarely bashing his teammates, the media, the organization or fans, Jeter ‘s 20 year service to MLB will forever be praised as a legendary one, due to the fact that after every game, every press conference and every commercial, a walking hero this new era can look up to becomes better and better….just like fine wine.


-Omari White (Follow Omari on Twitter @SmooveGuyO)