RADiUS-TWC, Producer Quincy Jones, Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro hosted a special screening of “Keep On Keepin’ On” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. 

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We had the opportunity to see the film at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. It tells the beautiful story of Jazz great Clark Terry’s relationship with a blind piano prodigy Justin Kauflin.


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Quincy Jones Brings Special Jazz Performance to ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’ Premiere

We spoke with the Legendary Quincy Jones on the red carpet this week. Read what he had to say below:

Q: So take us back to when you were 13 and you were working with Mr. Clark Terry. Take us back to that time.

Well that’s a long trip for me. I’m 81 now.

Q: What do you remember from those lessons?

I remember everything. When I see the picture I cry every time, you know? Because it reminds me of so many things and you can see our relationship, can’t you see it? You can feel our relationship. It’s strong, honey. It will never go away.

Q: So tell me, what’s the most important lesson he taught you?

About how to believe in yourself and  how to believe in who you are.

Q: And then there’s this powerful scene. It’s you, Justin, Clark in the same room. Tell us about that day.

Well, I went over there really to do a record with Snoop Dogg and Clark with Mumbles and rap, you know, but he didn’t get there so we went off in another direction.  He said I want you to hear this young kid Justin … he’s unbelievable.

Q: He is unbelievable and you guys have worked on an album together.  Tell us about that.

Yes, and I  have a group of 15 of the best young artists on the planet called the Global Gumbo All-Stars.   From 12 years old on up. They don’t play, honey. You’ll hear about them, trust me. You will hear about them!

Q: And you are also producing Miss Nikki Yanofsky.  Tell us about Nikki.

We call her “wobble-oni.” She was singing like Ella [Fitzgerald] when she was 3 years old. [Quincy scats like Ella] She’s hot.

Q: And are you excited that there might be an Oscar nomination for this?

I don’t think about that.  I lost that 7 times so I’m not going to get myself up about it again.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Honey, I very happy that you care about people seeing this movie. Tell all your friends.

You can check out this documentary at Landmark Sunshine Cinema and Lincoln Plaza 6 theater in New York starting Oct. 3.