We got an chance to sit with tv personality Naomi Defensor as she talks about her movie debut in Caine and her life as a media personality and so much more. 

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Congratulations on your movie, Caine, what inspired you to do the role?


Naomi Defensor: Well, a little bit about the film Caine is about a girl that falls in love and I think what inspired me to do the role is that I feel like we all has a time where you fall in love with somebody and it kind of take a toll on you and you lose yourself. It’s really just a scary thing. So, I think that the movie & the role is very relatable. So, I think a lot of people are going to like it & relate to it.

In three words, how would you describe you character?

N.D.: She’s definitely ambitious, she impressible, and she’s smart

Since you were on The Real World, would you consider doing reality tv again?

N.D.: Well, I think reality tv is really ambiguous right now like there’s different kinds. I don’t think I would ever do a ratchet like tv show just because that’s not my personality and because I don’t already done those type of show. I pretty much know like how much creative control you have and how things could be manipulated when it comes to storylines. So, I think I would do a show as long as I had 100% of creative freedom. If I didn’t, then I don’t think that I would be okay with it because again with reality tv, production have a great way of manipulating storylines and making something seem like it is but really not.

I seen that you interviewed Bodega Bamz, who would be the one person that you want to interview one day?

N.D.: Oh my gosh, well I think that so many people that I would want to interview but I feel like I just love Rihanna so much that it’s obviously she’s my sister. I feel like it would a bomb normal interview. I think when celebrities do interviews, they are practically well and they are given questions and their pr pretty much tell them how to answer it. I think with somebody like her would be an open book and I feel like you could get the answers that you want. It wouldn’t be like one of those steady answers that are not even real. I think she’s totally who she is and the type of interviews that I enjoy conducting because I want viewers to get to know who the person is and you can’t get to know a person if their answers are coached. I think Rihanna for sure.

What can fans expect from the movie?

N.D.: Well, I think that you could expect from the movie is that it’s a total twist in the end climax wise. When I say that the girl is in love it’s not with a specific person it’s a metaphor for something else.. I think that people are going to relate to it. Definitely has some good music, I think that some of the songs that we picked for the movie are really really cool. You definitely going to see glam, you’re going to see relatable points, you’re going to see a climax & a twist, and you’re going to see a great soundtrack.

What’s next for Naomi Defensor?

N.D.: Well for me, I think that even though acting that everybody probably want to do or dabble into. I went to college for broadcast journalism so all of my career goals are geared towards broadcast journalism. I guess in the end that I probably want my own show or in a really dope panel show but anything that I do from this moment on in regards to brand or project are totally going to be in broadcast journalism and in just interviews because I feel like that’s important. I don’t want to be a celebrity, I want to talk to celebrities and I want to find out who they are because what we see on TMZ is not necessarily who they are and it’s a publicity stunt. So, I want to get to know people who are desirable and found out who they are. I would hope for me being a media personality would step outside of the box and not ask the same boring questions.

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