We caught up with our favorite comedians at the #nytough showcase.

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Marlon Wayans

Q: What is it like to host the #NYTough Comedy showcase?

I think it is going to be fun.  It’s going to be a good time.  Anytime you hit a stage it’s a good time.  And I think with #NYTough, I like what it’s talking about because I grew up in New York, I know how tough it is, I know the smells from the subways to the houses to the pizza shops.  These products, like Febreze, are definitely in effect.  I’m from the city, so I’m not afraid of it.


Q: Being from New York, what is the worst thing that you had to face on an everyday basis?

Oh my god! First of all, have you ever smelled the green garbage trucks?  It’s not the white one, that one smells good.  The green one with the noise that it makes backing up, that one is like hell.  If I could have only afforded Febreze, I would have been using it.


Q: What made you decide that comedy was something you wanted to do as a career?

Because I damn sure knew that I didn’t want to go to all that school to be a lawyer.  And I get queasy when I see blood so doctor is not going to work.  Jokes are all that works for me.


Q:  So what’s next for you?

Everything.  I got a couple of movie I’m lining up.  I just finished the last season of Funniest Wins.  And I’m currently on tour doing standup, being funny.


Michelle Buteau

Q:  So what is it like being a part of the lineup for tonight?

It’s dope.  I feel like it’s kicking white girls in the ass, like, “Oh my god I feel so cute and marketable.”  I feel like the Kardashian that nobody cares about.  Yeah, I think it’s fitting for me because I’m definitely #NYTough.  I mean, I’ve lived here for 13 years and I was just able to afford a place with an elevator.  So I know all about using Secret and I’m really glad that Tide came out with the Tide pods.  Have you ever had to lug all your laundry to the Laundromat? Trust and believe.


Michael Che

Q: What is it like being part of this lineup?  What does #NYTough mean to you?

It’s really cool.  #NYTough means being resilient and dealing with people constantly.  There’s a lot of people, and if you don’t know how to deal with people then you will not survive in this city.  People think that New Yorkers are rude, but we aren’t rude, we’re just usually late, so if you’re in the way, you might just get pushed out the way.


Q: So you just left “The Daily Show.”  What was working with Jon Stewart and everyone like?

Oh man, I got lucky in this business getting to work with people that you would dream to work with.  Jon Stewart was fantastic.  He is great.  You’ve seen the show, what would you think it would be like to work with someone that good?  It’s discouraging.  But no, it was fantastic, and it was really great to be able to work there.


Q:  So now you are going to be a co-anchor on “The Weekend Update” on SNL, can you talk about that and what that is like?

It’s the same thing.  It’s a live show and I am exciting to get to work on it.  It’s iconic, it has been there for 40 years and it will be there 40 more.  Only in New York could that happen.  You know how Don King is only in America? Only in New York and only with NYToughness get you working at these jobs and get these opportunities.  I’m from the gutter; I’m not supposed to be getting these opportunities.


Sherri Shepherd

Q:  So what does #NYTough mean to you?

NYTough means that in the city you got to get stuff done.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on, New York tough, it’s not a negative thing, it breeds independence, like a “get it done” spirit.  You can’t afford to be sitting in the house.  Like when it snows everywhere else, they shut the city down, when it snows here, you got some snow shoes and some skis and you say, “I got to get to work.”  So I love the fact that people here are just so independent and they will do “it.”  Nothing gets New Yorkers down.


Q:  And what is it like to be able to tell your story of New York at this event?

I love it!  I got stories for them of arguing with cab drivers because I argue with cab drivers all the time.  The meter is never right!   They try to distract you by talking to you all the time, so I’m like, “Nuh Uh,” and I’m watching that meter, I know where that meter is supposed to be, and then their credit card machine never works, so that is my #NYTough moment, but I absolutely love New York.  I have been here seven years, I adore it.


Q:  And you have been on so many productions like “The View” and “30 Rock,” what has been your favorite production or moment throughout your entire career?

I love it all.  “30 Rock” and doing one as a hooker for “One for the Money” with a heart of gold, doing that, and “Ride Along 2” is going to be really great.  I am excited for Chris Rock’s film, “Take Five,” to come out because he cast me as his ex-girlfriend, so we had a couple of little scenes in there.  I am very excited about that.  And then doing “Cinderella,” playing the step mom, the evil step mother on Broadway, I have never done Broadway before so it’s like everything I do it makes me tougher because I have never done it before.

Q:  And what’s next for you?

Like I said, the two movies coming out, I’m doing a series of children’s books, I got my wig line.  I’m pretty busy; I’m working on producing some things behind the scenes, so the sky is the limit!  I’m not sleeping, not in this city; you can’t sleep in New York.

-Vinesh Vora