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After Season 3, everyone was wondering where on earth is Olivia Pope. Well on the Season 4 Premiere, we found Liv to be all cozied up on a nice warm beach with Jake. Upon receiving a letter in the mail informing Liv that Harrison‘s body has been found and he is in fact dead, Liv calls it quits for a few days on her hot steamy new life with Jake in order to go back to D.C. to bury her old friend.

Back in D.C. we see all of the OPA crew has now started new lives. Abby is now working for the White House, Huck now works under the name Randy, and Quinn, well Quinn is the one who happened to discover Liv’s location. In the White House, we see Mellie is still grieving over her deceased son. She is in mourning so terribly that she does not even really get up to do anything such as even changing out of her bathrobe. She has a breathtaking moment in which her and Fitz go to their sons grave and Mellie just lays down on the grass near his tombstone.


Liv meets up with all of her old staff to plan a funeral for Harrison, in which Huck and Abby seem to not be on her side with. They believe she is the reason for his death. She meets up with Poppa Pope who informs her he did not have anything to do with Harrison’s death but he does have something to do with her terrorist mother’s death.

Meanwhile, back at Olivia’s apartment she receives one of those phone calls all Scandal viewers love in which she has to fix a problem! That’s right, Olivia ran to fix a problem for one of the U.S. Senator’s whose husband is hospitalized. After much digging, Olivia discovers with the help of Quinn that the Senator did not try to kill her husband only that the secretary of her office did who is a victim of being raped and in fact tried to kill him. Having to go public with the situation it is pretty clear that Olivia is back in D.C. to stay!

The last scene of the season premiere made this wait for this season so anxious! America has been waiting to see what Fitz and Liv would do once they are reunited. And guess what they did?? They just walked by each other as if they never knew one another.

Tune in next Thursday for an all new episode on Scandal on ABC. TGIT is BACK!!!

Meashel Monique