The heart-wrenching footage of Mertilla Jones crying in anguish on the stand as she describes the scene when her granddaughter was killed by Detroit PD

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The scenario is all too familar. A Black child dying at the hands of a white police officer while a Black mother and grandmother sorrowfully continue to mourn as they constantly relive the moment.

Mertilla Jones, the grandmother of 7 year old Aiyana Jones, is seen in the courtroom footage below unable to hold back tears as she describes the dreadful night when her granddaughter was killed in May 2010.


“Why? Why you do it? Please tell me,” Mertilla Jones wailed at Officer Joseph Weekley, who is accused of involuntary manslaughter after he shot Aiyana during a May 2010 raid that was being filmed for police reality show The First 48. According to Jones’ family attorney, the officers were following up on the address of shooting suspect Chauncey Owens. After throwing in a flash grenade, Officer Weekley was the first in the home, allegedly fired a round through a door, striking the seven year old in the head, killing her instantly.

Weekley maintains that his weapon fired only after Mertilla Jones reached for his weapon, however, she repeatedly states on the stand that is not the case. Wayne County Circuit Judge Cynthia Gray-Hathaway briefly recessed after the emotional testimony, which some say may cause Weekley’s lawyer to call for a mistrial.

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