The new movie Jupiter Ascending is an epic science fiction thriller which stars both acting superstars Mila Kunis as well as Channing Tatum. 

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Kunis plays the role of Jupiter Jones, an unsuspecting girl who, when first born, was destined for great things, one of which is that she is the heir to Earth, and is destined to be the next leader.  When she gets much older, she realizes the true extent of her greatness when she is hunted down by a powerful man, who is another heir, and who wants her dead solely so he can be the one true heir and leader of Earth.  It is then when she first becomes a target that Caine (Tatum), a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, comes to Earth to protect her and ensure that her destiny of being the one true heir of Earth comes to pass.  A classic power struggle between the powerful yet modest protagonist and the cruel and sinister antagonist comes into play but with a twist in which the outcome of this incredible and gripping battle will be one that could alter the balance of the cosmos, for better or worse. This movie is filled with a star studded cast including Kunis and Tatum, and with the team behind The Matrix Trilogy this movie is most definitely going to be something to watch out for. This February, this hard hitting, action packed, sci-fi movie will hit the screens, and surely be something that people must look out for. Check out the latest trailer below:



-Vinesh Vora