Word to Aaliyah, age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Case in point, Atlanta’s hottest producer of 2014, Metro Boomin. Just having turned 21 earlier last week on September 16th, Mr. Leland Wayne has a resume Diddy would be jealous of at his age. Quick career recap: he’s worked with everyone who’s everyone in Atlanta, Drake just added his two cents on the banger he produced for Makonnen, & he has several projects in the works, including the highly anticipated album with Young Thug. And by the looks of it, this is only the beginning.

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Kairi: “Metro Boomin’.” Where did that name come from?

Metro Boomin’: I’m from St. Louis, that’s the metro area. You know, the Metro is on some St. Louis shit, & I added the Boomin years later because I was tired of niggas crediting me online saying “Metro Beats.” I just liked the name all together, really.


K: Who are you currently working with?

MB: Man, really just a little of everybody. I don’t normally like to get too much into that because I like for a song to come out & no one saw it coming. The impact is better than saying “Oh okay, me & this person have been going in & then the song comes out. So as far as new people, you gotta stay tuned. Future’s been on tour but he just got off so we been back here a lot lately- we had a lot of catching up to do with that. You know, he usual suspects, me & Travis Scott still goin’ in even though his project just dropped.

K: Yeah I saw that you said you & Travis recorded “BACC” in your living room.

MB: Hell yeah, that’s the same place we recorded “Tuesday” with Makonnen. We’ve actually done a lot of shit [there]. Maybe a third or a fourth of Metro Thuggin was recorded in my living room [too]. I like the home vibe.

K: I know a lot of people have been asking- Metro Thuggin’. Is there a release date yet?

MB: There’s no set date, but it’ll definitely be out before September’s over.

K: And Drake hopped on Makkonen’s Tuesday & now it’s everywhere. How’d you find out about it?

MB: Man shit, how everybody else did. I just woke up & it was out.

K: So what clubs are the most up to you? Preferably on a Tuesday.

MB: On a Tuesday? I’ma say the club to be at is Blue Flame.

K: In Atlanta?

MB: Yeah, the strip club. I work with a lot of people of there. And on Tuesdays they’re nice, so it’s perfect.


K: You’re only 20 & you’re working with most of the hottest acts in the game. Where do you see yourself in another 20?

MB: In another 20? I pray to be in good health & own a lot of shit. I have to be a mogul, y’know what I’m sayin’? Like, it’s more than just making music.

K: If you weren’t Metro Boomin’, what would you be doing right now?

MB: I can’t see myself doing anything else in life. Not to say it like that, but I wouldn’t want to do anything else if it wasn’t music. But if I wasn’t doing music at all, I’ll probably be in college.

K: Yeah, you went to Morehouse, right?

MB: Yeah, I majored in Business Management. I was just gonna take all that knowledge & use it for music, of course.

K: You see yourself going back anytime soon? Or are you a little tied up?

MB: I wanna go back one day, though, definitely. Right now, I know I can’t right now, or anytime really soon.

K: But still, you’re only 20- you have nothing but time.

MB: Yeah, exactly! I’m glad you understand. Nothing but time.


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Photo courtesy of @TheCamKirk.

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