The Law & Order producers are back at it again…

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Law & Order: SVU is known for covering all topics when it comes to heinous crimes like rape & murder but when it comes to keeping up with pop culture, they don’t miss a beat.

Unless you live under a rock, its nearly impossible to have missed out on this years scandals from Solange‘s attack on Jay Z, Donald Sterling‘s racist drama and the recent Ray Rice domestic violence fiasco. These stories were covered on just about every news and social platform known to man and now its time for SVU to make us even more aware.


Airing this Wednesday, the “American Disgrace” episode stars fictional NBA player Shakir “The Shark” Wilkins, played by Henry Simmons, who is accused of rape (I mean, it wouldn’t be SVU without it) by his clothing lines PR agent. The story rolls out after a shocking elevator scene, captured via security cam, goes public via the “LMZ” gossip site with no audio. Of course.

It was only last year that Law & Order: SVU premiered their Chris Brown & Rihanna spinoff which resulted in mixed reviews – most felt the situation was over exaggerated with the episode resulting in “Rihanna’s” death.

If you’re interested to see how this one turns out, check out the episode as it airs Wednesday at 8PM on NBC.