Nas: Time Is Illmatic Press Conference – Find Out Where & When You Can See The Film

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The team behind the groundbreaking documentary let the world know, NAS IS COMING 


On Monday September 29th Tribeca Films held a special press conference to announce the theatrical release of  ‘NAS: Time IS ILLMATIC’ .  The documentary feature film had only been previously screened a handful of times, when it opened up The Tribeca Film Festival in April 2014, as well as it’s recent screening during The Source Magazine’s inaugural Source 360 weekend.

The press conference, which featured Nas along side the film’s creators, Director One9 and writer Erick Parker, gave those involved the platform to explain not just the backstory of how the came to be and what made the film special to them, but also what they had learned during, and since the completion of the film.  An interesting tidbit from Nas came during the Q&A section when the rapper-seen by some as the greatest of all time- spoke on what watching the film made him realize, explaining;

“it took me back to why I even got into the business, and why I even wanted to do it…It reminded me where I am today.. look where you started, and this is where you are now..and help me continue what I’m supposed to do in this day and age.. I needed this! “

Powerful words from a man who seemed both honored and humbled by the position he is in, and the art that has now been created by documenting his own work. Since it’s initial release word has been traveling fast as to how great his film is – in my own personal opinion, having seen the film only a week prior , much like the album illmatic itself, the film may just go down in history as the quintessential hip hop documentary of our lifetime – now the question everyone can’t help but ask when the conversation of ‘TIME IS ILLMATIC’ arises is HOW DO I SEE IT?  We have answers for you.

First & probably the most all encompassing option is the Hennesy V.S. Present’s Nas: Time Is Illmatic Tour– where fans can watch the film, and then watch the nasty one himself perform the entire 10 track opus live.  Tickets can still be purchased HERE

A few important dates to keep in mind if you want to view the film outside of the tour are as follows:

October 1st – The film opens theatrically on  in New York City (AMC 25) & Los Angeles (Burbank 30)

October 2nd – Special one night only screenings across the country.  Full list of theaters  HERE

October 3rd – The Film will be available on demand & through iTunes

October 10th – Theatrical expansions in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, & Detroit

Stay tuned for more on the premiere of the film later this week

Spencer legitimately has trouble putting into words what this film and the experience of covering it has meant to him, listen to him attempt to do so in a very ineloquent manner on Twitter – @Sjeezs

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