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Pac Div came and went. And they will come, yet again. The group from California stormed through the underground scene and as a result, the individual members (Like, BeYoung, Mibbs) have had successful careers of their own since putting Pac Div on hold. Today, we are proud to present the premiere of the new EP from BeYoung, as well as the video for one of the track off that EP. He runs the gamut on topics so that you can become a bit more familiar with him in a way you haven’t before. It’s more soulful and introspective than a typical Pac Div project but that’s just a testament to the variety you can get with one group. Listen to the EP below and read a short interview we had with BeYoung, discussing the new music. The video for “Spoz’d 2″ is below as well.

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We’ve seen groups take a hiatus and then get back together like the Cool Kids. Why do you think that it’s important for groups to take time for the individual members to do their own thing before coming back together again?

The thing is more than anything I feel that each individual within a group or collective kind of owes it to themselves to be able and paint their perspective to the fully extent individually as well. The more everybody gets to be inclined on their own only enables the whole team to really form like Voltron!


How is this project different from a Pac Div project? Production is definitely different but would you say the same about the style/content?

This project is part of my evolution from and through all the Pac Div projects. Style and content wise its definitely more concentrated from my perspective with jewels I picked up from my brothers, mom, pops, uncles, family etc. The beat selection and lyrics display my growth and what got me here. Let alone the energy behind the project was my oldest brother who passed a few years ago, some things change you forever.

“Greenlight” came from a politically/socially charged inspiration. A lot of rappers and fans are upset with the way Hip-Hop has reacted to events like Ferguson. What is your stance on rappers and societal issues, whether it’s rapping about them or visiting the area and working with locals like J. Cole?

Crazy thing is I wrote and recorded “Greenlight” months before Ferguson and when all that went down it really made that record even more important. My thing is I’m all for anything action wise toward the cause if it’s from a place of sincerity. If it’s from a place of ho’n out for twitter and Instagram likes, sh*t go stay foul!!! Just as much as the internet spreads the word, we still need groundwork and foot soldiers out here as well. It’s gonna be so much more about the things we do with the cameras off, prevention and having the information. I definitely commend J.Cole for his efforts.

Some rapper still need to find a balance between making records for the homies vs. for the ladies. It seems like you favor the ladies a bit more on this project. Does that reflect what’s going on in your life right now or has that always been a part of you?

That’s always been my stance on that–dudes go feel like they can pull a broad to it and the females might feel it’s about them. I say in “Still Wont Know,” “my game came from the Caveman.” You can be frog faced, smell like Worcester Sauce and feel like you doin something with paper!!! I’m from the school of making the most from nothing no matter what. McGyver type sh*t!!! I wanna lace male and female with that confidence. BeYou!

What is your favorite track off the project and why?

Too many, but right now it’s probably the title track “Daily Bread.” The whole vibe of that song is the perfect centerpiece for the project. Esta killed the beat and it was so many different thoughts and emotions going through me the lyrics came together naturally and kind of wrote itself. I love when everything about the process flows naturally, that’s the main thing I wanted to accomplish.

What’s next for you?

More everything, this is just the arrival package. More nourishment!!! So much ground I wanna cover I’d rather Be about it than speak about it!

Bryan Hahn is starting a group just so it can break up and he can develop himself as an individual. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).