In the deepest parts of the ocean, the Abyssal Zone encompasses all that we are conditioned to fear: darkness, obscurity, the unknown.

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The depths of this capsule cover uncharted ground like its inspiration and were made to guide you through new, exotic territory. The classic Rastaclat bracelets, Red Tide, Lumen and Vampire, explore new jewel-tone palettes that are accented with Lurex brilliance that will leave you breathless. Encounter the Cuttle, Abyss, and Thermal classic shoelace bracelets which contrast the visible with the unseen, yet unforgettable. The fresh prints are undiscovered and provocative.

The Abyssal Zone took the supernatural inspirations and combined them with 3M style to make the Angler rope shoelaces a stand-out accessory for your kicks. Take another classic silhouette, the bucket hat. You will find the Black Dragon, which takes this capsule in a bold new direction, in a modified tiger print accented with neon orange. Finally, for the first time, we introduce a red and navy beanie, Yuri; it is meant for those who want to lead, not follow.


The Abyssal Zone will be available October 1.


Shenae Craig