Her Source bookclub looks at Release Me: My Life, My Words by Olivia

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Release Me: My Life, My Words is written by Olivia Longott

It has been a minute since we last heard from Olivia, but not until in her memoir, Release Me: My Life, My Words. In the book, she give details about her personal life including her love life, being signed to both J Records & G Unit Records, and joining the cast  of Love & Hip Hop. Being in the industry has been easy for this Queens native as she was able to make her dreams come and not succumb to drugs & alcohol.


Reading the book, I got to know who Olivia was despite what was said about her in the past. Some of the similarities that we share are that we career driven & we are hard workers. There was one part of the book that stood out to me and it was a poem that she wrote called Down But Not Out  in the beginning of the book.  In the poem, she talks about never giving up on yourself and achieving your dreams. This is one book that you could read all season long, get to know the real Olivia and trust me it’s worth the read.

Check out our interview with the talented singer, here. Make sure that you cop the book now at Barnes & Noble & also online. You could follow her on social media on both Twitter  at @1andonlyOlivia  and on Instagram at @only1olivia

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