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FlyLo & Kendrick release stirring visuals for their impactful single

Flying Lotus kicked in the door and released the first single off his upcoming album, You’re Dead!, which features Kendrick Lamar. Now that the critically-acclaimed record has circulated for a little over a month, FlyLo liberates the video for “Never Catch Me,” which also serves as as the platform on which Kendrick let fly one of the best verses we’ve heard from him since 2013’s jaw-rocking “Control” exhibition. Lotus certainly showed up with his own set of party favors, lacing his single with an adrenaline rush-inducing set of instrumentals, including eerie piano chords, jazz-inspired synthesizers and rapidly paced drums that sound like they’re chasing all the other instruments.


The video doesn’t feature Kendrick Lamar at all, and only features a subtle Flying Lotus appearance–early on in the video as the camera pans the church pews. Two children arise from their coffins at their funeral, and dance their way through the church, through a yard and into the driver and passenger seats of a hearse, which they ride off into the sunset. It is absolutely worth pressing play. Immediately.