Director John R. Leonetti’s ‘Annabelle’ is a spinoff of ‘The Conjuring” that plays to the horror staple of demonic dolls, a classic that some might be put off by.

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The story is centered around Mia (Annabelle Wallis) and John (Ward Horton) who are new parents trying to start a family. While Mia is pregnant, she is stabbed by a Satanic hippie couple, and she ends up with a knife plunged straight into her stomach. Mia and John manage to live, but as the demonic-consumed wife dies, her blood drips onto the eye of a doll she’s holding and there the real plot begins. The devil doll, named Annabelle, starts on an endless trial of tormenting the couple that drive the couple to consult a priest. The main character, Mia, is pushed to the brink. Afre Woodard also stars in the film as Evelyn.

The storyline wasn’t too difficult to follow. There was nothing that left the audience to guess for. The scenes seemed to move too systematically. In addition, we wished that the film was scarier. Of course, there were a moments of suspense and surprise, but nothing too out of the box. Even though “Annabelle” plays off from a cult classic, it misses some of the essential elements of horror such as gore, timing, and mystery. This might be the perfect horror movie to take your significant other to if he/she has a weak stomach.


“Annabelle” is now playing.