When listening to music, we go for an experience like no other. Whether we’re attending a concert or in this case relaxing at home blasting our favorite tunes at ignorant levels we go for what ever suits us best. Here at The Source, we’re always looking for a cool advance in technology. This time around we take a trip to the future by simultaneously not forgetting our past.

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The People People Transparent Speaker is the new way to put your soundtrack of the day  to a huge use. Yes the speaker is actually transparent, so it allows for a lot of space and max sound. The clear glass blends in to wherever you decided to place it and it’s compatible with your wireless technology as well. With a minimalist appeal, we’re sure Yeezy has a bunch of these throughout the house. Plug your computer, tablet or phone into it and get ready for a nice chill feel. It retails at $850 USD so count this as an investment. You can cop it here.


Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot) and she really want this ASAP; the perfect compliment to her floral record player.

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