The New World Order of Art | A Sit Down With Millennial Art Curator Perri Dash of Eastmen Collective

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They don’t want to see you win too much or too quick these days. Sitting down in the desert heat for a grand conversation with art curator, dealer and enthusiast of all things not corny, Perri Dash makes it clear that his purpose is to leave a mark.  As a high school student, he found himself going from intern to A&R Assistant at Tommyboy Records next RocaWear with cousin and mogul, Damon Dash, to designing his own clothes then running Pharrell‘s Billionaire Boys Club wholesale.  A lot for a guy who is making waves for the millennial generation. Being surrounded by art was slowly coming to the forefront. But as all things come back around and have a lot to do with the past he is now heavily involved in the new generation of art dealers. Before Jiggaman was shouting out Mona Lisa and Picasso Baby, Dash was doing some research of his own and finding sanity in the visual arts. Holding various exhibitions at Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea, New York he’s destined to becoming one of the leading names in the art world and he’s not alone. Co-founding Eastmen Collective along with cousin Darrin Chandler the top is the only way to go.


Going into this interview I knew I was up for an interesting testimony, especially on the New World Order of Art, coming from someone I could actually relate to.  Typically we get  our first lesson in art with our parents and school, whether it be music, fashion and in this case visual arts. But art is one of those entities where it can be expanded over into just about any industry.  This conversation is much needed with the masses and what better way to get it started than here, the first Hip-Hop magazine ever.