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Wouldn’t you call yourself lucky if you were able to make your dreams, art work? Artist Patrick Willard dreamed of hippopotamuses as a child, and is creating interesting pieces with a “Where’s Waldo” affect. His pieces are derived from old ticket stubs throughout the last 40 years. Surrounding his pieces, you’ll notice a stream of Hindu writings. “I like the Hindi calligraphy, it means ‘World of Lyrics’. ”  Being that he’s from France, sometimes art is done in series. During his exhibition “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of” you will notice Patrick’s pieces are in series of 8, in France pieces will also be found in series of 3 or 4.

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Being inspired with his childhood in Africa, each piece you have to find the hippo. Patrick Willard has been creating art work for the past 2 years selling most of his pieces once they are completed. If you’re lucky enough there may be come pieces still hanging in Bagatelle located 1 little west 12th street, NYC;  that is if they aren’t sold out.

TiyTiy, @_tiy_


Photo Cred: http://artw4.com/gallery/