#AbsolutWarhol was absolut-ly ridiculous!

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Absolut pulled out all the stops to get us talking about their Andy Warhol collaborative bottle — even the bottle itself was a work of art. The Warhol-inspired liquor cantina was vibrant decorated with pink, blue, and yellow in a style that felt like Warhol painted it on himself. On the reverse side of the bottle it reads, “I love the bottle, I want to do something…” referencing 1986, when Warhol became the first artist to create an original artwork for Absolut, which later became a famous advertisement.

The venue itself embodied the spirit of Warhol, with a plethora of bottles hanging from the ceiling in such uniform that you thought they were part of the ceiling like stage lights which made for quite an aesthetic.


The night wasn’t all about consumption, as they had a 50-year-old “Walter White” lookalike doing performance art and this DJ you might have heard of was headlining the event, Alain Macklovitch, otherwise known as A-Trak. You know, he only DJ’d for Kanye West, collaborated with Cam’ron and founded this little record label called Fools Gold.

The people that were attending this event are what really made it the premier place to be on a Wednesday night in NYC. The crowd was full of industry professionals, artist, models, songwriters, producers, fashion gurus and socialites. The vibe was a good combination of highbrow but upbeat, definitely super cool if you’re into the more eclectic environments.

The event’s wristbands afforded four drink tickets, but if you knew a guy who knew a guy, you probably had more like six. There were quite of selection of cocktails ranging from a variety of flavors, from Pineapple Mint Toffee to Spiced Mango. They served two kinds of popcorn, the best pita chips you’ve have ever had in your life, a few amazing miniburgers that came out on something that you’d carry Egyptian royalty on. It was more turnt than a working girls doorknob.

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