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There’s not too many artists who get the chance to go overseas off the success of a mixtape. There’s also not too many artists who were invited to perform in front of thousands at Brooklyn’s biggest venue, either.  And though a select few have defied the odds, there’s only one rapper who’s really worth mentioning. This man truly doesn’t need an introduction, but here’s to Leimert Park’s own Dom Kennedy.

After Dom’s set at the SOURCE360 concert at the Barclays Center, the man who has “never stopped working” sat down for a few to chop it up with our Music Editor, Khari Nixon. During the interview they discussed how his last three projects took him from Itunes to Best Buy, and why the Yellow Album mixtape was really just a “free album.” The Cali native has been around for over a decade, and the question still remains as to why he still isn’t signed.  His label, OpM (Other People’s Money) has been with him from the start, and even got credit in the recent Nike commercial Dom performed in. Watch as he talks about his label and why “it’s OpM ’til it’s over,” and how the release of his next album is “not [going to come] fast, but it’s gon’ be quick.”