We got the chance to chat with  philanthropist Monyetta Shaw as she dished on her show “Atlanta Exes,” her involvement with the community, her jumpsuit line, and so much more.

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Being engaged to a superstar is never easy but one woman managed to hold her own, Ms. Monyetta Shaw, as she did it all with a smile  on her face. The Louisiana native is more than just than Ne-Yo’s ex fiance, she is independent, caring, and has a heart of gold. 

Check out the interview. 


Congratulations on the show, Atlanta Exes, how did you cast for it?

Monyetta Shaw: I was the last person to be cast on the show, they already had everyone except for me. I am the exception because I was the only one that was not married, I was engaged. So, they reached out to me after finding out about my break up from Ne-Yo on my Instagram post. So it was a kind of a blessing that he did that way even though I didn’t see it at the time. But that same day, they called me initally and it was off from there.

Who did you form a bond with?

M.S.: I love all the ladies are pretty amazing, I must say and they represent this amazing trip, they helped me throughout my process. But I do have a strong connection with my girl Christina. We just connect spiritually and we kind of like the same person we like to joke to say that we’re twins but that’s my girl Chris she has this amazing spirit.

Have you ever met the the Hollywood Exes cast?

M.S.: Yes, actually I have. We met together when we were out there. Shamicka and Sheree actually and they were very nice and supportive, really cool people.

How is the chemistry between you and the ladies?

M.S.: The chemistry is amazing, it’s not just a TV thing. We actually hang out, we talk to each other. Actually before we start we would meet up every week for lunch just to get to know each other. So what you see is authenic it’s very real. We click very well together so it’s like I’ve been knowing some of these ladies for a lifetime.

What inspired you to do a children’s book?

M.S.: After becoming a mother it completely changed my life and … I wanted to do something that they look back when they get older and be like, “Oh my mom did this for me,” and just feel honored and the kids are a huge part of my life. So, I started to write a book and started a publishing company through the Evan Grace Group, which is my company and started a series called The Adventures Of Maddie. It just follows their life of a little girl named Madilyn … and all that good stuff. But I wanted to be able to chronicle the life of my daughter, and just how amazing she is and the life lessons that I want to convey to the world, values and morals that you really don’t see much of these days. There’s not many African American kids on books so it’s very important after I had kids to do something just for them.

Would you ever do a tell all book about yourself?

M.S.: I don’t think so not right now. It’s not one of my goals. I would say no to that question right now but who knows.

What made you start the Evan Grace Group?

M.S.: Well, I just wanted to just make my contribution to the world, I sat down and thought about what things I’m passionate about. I already had my boutique the physical location but I got rid of it. I know that I want to start an online compartment of that so I did that. I just wanted to start a firm that could house all of my companies and the Evan Grace Group is actually named after my kids Madeline Grace & Mason Evans. I got four branches of it: publishing, like I told you which The Adventures Of Maddie, is under, a fashion component with the Emerlyn & Ester boutique that’s online I actually launched it yesterday super excited about that, a film production, and talent booking. So, I just wanted to have those things that I’m super passionate about. I co-created “Heel Of Greatness” which I don’t know if you watched last night but you saw a snippet of that we’re honoring the 25 trailblazers and we’re all about empowerment and just uplifting each other and it’s going to be an annual event and it’s really really amazing. I’m so excited that the world got an glimpse of it yesterday.

Tell us one thing that people don’t know about you.

M.S.: Well a lot people didn’t know that I was a radio personality, I started when I was 19 in my hometown so they are very shocked to know that, that’s one thing. I’m really goofy, I love to laugh at myself to get through the day. I love to make other people laugh and I have a few little quirks that I have about myself that a lot of people don’t know. I love to dance, I’m a dance machine like to break it down a little bit, you saw a little bit of that on the show when we were in the Cayman Islands. I kind of came out of my shell. I’m involved in a few charities Beyond The Game, my ex’s charity Compound Foundation. But with Beyond The Game, I actually adopted 48 kids this was last year and I provide them with food, clothing for school, fresh water. And with those funds, I built an orphanage in Swaziland, Africa and that’s near and dear to my heart. I also took a mission trip there … It was a life changing trip to meet my I like to call them my other kids up close and personal and meet the elders and just to see first hand what the help is providing. It was a amazing trip, life changing as I said.

What would be your advice for girls that want to start their own firm?

M.S.: Finish school, it definitely helps. Have a great support system, consult past great mentors, people that’s in the field. People that have been there where you are trying to get to go. Definitely have great people surrounding you and a great support system. Do your research, there were a couple of things that I thought I wanted to do once I did the research it was not exactly what I wanted to do. People might see things and be like, “that looks good, the glamour of it” once you get into it’s not exactly what you thought. So definitely do your research, have a great support system, reach for the stars, achieve your goals, never stop.

Besides the books and your company, do you have any upcoming charities or projects you have coming up?

M.S.: Right now, I am working on my jumpsuit line that is part of the fashion capacity of the Evan Grace Group and it’s called Monyetta by J. Daniels. J. Daniels is this young, up and coming out of New York, he actually designed the dress that you saw last night, the red amazing gown. I’m obsessed with jumpsuits. It would be available exclusively to my site online Emerlyn & Ester boutique, super excited about that. I just finished as of two weeks ago, my second book, Maddie Goes To School you would be seeing that next year. I’m very very excited to tell you that I have partnered up with a powerhouse publishing company to release the book so it will not only be available on amazon & iTunes, it would be available everywhere in bookstores worldwide so super excited.

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