Arguably the most dedicated New York Knicks Fan ever, is setting out to help you understand the offense of the “New Knicks” 

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Now you can say to yourself, “What does this new offense mean for Carmelo and the new Knicks“? To be frank, the sky is the limit with Phil Jackson in place. If your familiar with what Phil did with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, you realize championships is an ordinary term for these organizations.  With the magic Phil Jackson did bringing in Derrick Fisher into the organization, its evident the Knicks will be running a ” Triangle Offense” which was made popular by Jackson’s past coaching stops.

That said, even though it looks like the New York Knicks are moving in the right direction, fans everywhere are left scratching their heads as to what exactly does the new offense mean for their dear ol’ Knicks. But don’t worry, Spike Lee is going to give all fans alike a classroom lesson on what this offense will do for the hometown team.


According to Wall Street Journal:

Enter Spike Lee, the filmmaker and unabashed Knicks fan, who is making an hour-long film in an effort to demystify Jackson’s offensive system. He is calling it “What Is the Triangle Offense: A Spike Lee Orange and Blue Skies Joint.” It is set to air Oct. 24 on MSG.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Lee said. “This is trying to explain to the average fan the triangle system. It’s sort of like the mysterious mythology and Zen that Phil Jackson has used to win six times in Chicago and five times in L.A.” …

“Everybody says a junior high-school team can run it,” Lee said. “Proponents of the triangle offense say it’s simple. If you’re not a proponent, you don’t know what’s happening.”

This film without a doubt will be a fan favorite and will definitely help fans understand the Knicks new offense and if a success, will be another visual picture behind not only the Knicks organization but the mastermind in Phil Jackson.

Drew is a Chicago Bulls and Wizards fan (yea, so what? ) and knows D Rose is going to have an MVP season . Check drew on twitter arguing why nobody can check Kevin Durant – @Drewtheabstract