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Even if he’s supporting breast cancer month?

Colin Kaepernick, a member of the Beats By Dre family, was the first player fined as a result of the NFL’s new ban on Beats By Dre headphones. He had them around his neck while he addressed the media, and interestingly enough, one of the reporters was thinking on their toes, considering they asked Kaep whether or not Beats By Dre would take care of the fine, a question he chose not to answer.

The ban isn’t against just Beats By Dre headphones, however. Due to the NFL’s partnership with premier audio output company Bose, all NFL players have been banned from wearing “unauthorized”–which really sounds like “any headphones except Bose headphones”–headphones while on the field, or while in front of the camera. Naturally that sounds like something that would be a problem for Kaepernick, or, say, Richard Sherman, who has one of the more memorable Beats By Dre campaigns in recent memory.