Ready or not, you can’t hide… From a lawsuit

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Last week the New York Post published an article with the headline “Ex-Fugee rapper bailed on his own 9/11 benefit concert” and now Pras Michel has responded with legal action in the way of a $30 Million lawsuit.  In the defamation lawsuit filed in Broward County, FL (where Michel is a legal resident) ,the former member of The Fugee’s claims he “has never owned nor been an owner, director or officer of the Foundation,” that he never guaranteed a performance at the event and that the event had nothing to do with 9/11.

What makes the whole incident even more strange is that the NYP writer was apparently informed before the October 5th posting of the article by the Foundation’s president that “Pras is a good friend of the organization and supports our cause but is not a board member,”  yet the article still ran.


Pras claims that his move to seek such a high amount in damages is justified due to the potential harm the article can and already caused him in dealing with international business organizations.  The complaint states he has been dealing with “countless phone calls” from “high-profile businesspeople with inquiries relating to the article.”

One of those potential deals he may be referring to is the reported 2.2 billion dollar bid to buy the Plaza Hotel, a deal in which Pras, along with sports agent David Sugarman and others, was said to be in talks for.  Ironically enough, one of the main sources of that story initially came from the New York Post.

Musically, Pras has been quiet over the last few years, although this tweet popped up back in January showing him in the studio with MavadoLL Cool J and others — so cross your fingers we may get some new music sometime soon.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.


Spencer played “Ghetto Superstar” on repeat the entire time he wrote this article, it was glorious. 


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