Director David Dobkin’s new film “The Judge” is a heartfelt portrayal of a successful city lawyer attempting to make amends with his father, following a family tragedy. 

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The story follows Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.) as he returns home for his beloved mother’s funeral. His short visit soon turns into an unexpected extended stay as his father (Robert Duvall) the venerable town judge, is accused and arrested for a hit and run. Tensions in the household run high as Hank suspects his ex-alcoholic father to be drinking again while his small-town past begins to catch up with him. With a hard-headed prosecutor (Billy Bob Thornton) at his heels, defense attorney Palmer has his work cut out for him.


With a team like Downey, Duvall, and Thornton on board, a stellar movie is to be expected. The evolving relationship between Downey and Duvall seems to be honest and believable, which adds to the emotional pull of the film. “The Judge” hit home for many in the theater, and causes you to think about your friends and family in a new light. Relationships are the message here, and regardless of where you think you stand in life, you may want to think again.


“The Judge” has been rated R by the MPAA due to some sexual references. It is now playing.