Looks like Bron Bron is starting the NBA season on a high note 

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If you thought Lebron James couldn’t start the NBA preseason in a much better position think again. The four time MVP and 2-time champion officially topped the Forbes list as the Most Valuable Brand in the world. According to Forbes, LeBron topped the list at $37 million dollars where as Tiger Woods came close at $36 Millions. From last year to this year, LBJ’s earnings increased by $10 million and with off-the-court endorsements from endorsers like Nike, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s he managed to pull $53 million.

Check out all the athletes that made the list below:

  1. Lebron James – $37 million

  2. Tiger Woods – $36 million

  3. Roger Federer- $32 million

  4. Phil Mickelson – $29 million

  5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – $20 million

  6. Usain Bolt – $19 million

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo – $17 million

  8. Kobe Bryant – $15 million

  9. Lionel Messi – $12 million

  10. Rafael Nadal – $10 million

Man with all that money he raked in you wonder if any of that will go towards finding a solution for his “hair problem”?!? –@Drewtheabstract