In other bizarre and random news, Michael Beasley of the Memphis Grizzlies is taking his talents to China 

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It seems like yesterday when phenom and all-around stud Michael Beasley was noted as the most dominant player in his class a few years ago before heading to K-State and becoming arguably the best player to ever play in that conference. Now, coming out of college it was more then certain B-Easy was going to live up to the hype as a highly regarded first round pick. But as you guys know, that didn’t pan out too well.

With his early run in’s with the laws of the NBA, it looked like it was done for the phenom from the DMV. With endless second chances to even managing to get picked up by the Miami Heat (again) and scoring a summer bid with the Memphis Grizzlies, it seems B-Easy has finally called it quits with the NBA. Michael has signed a one-year deal with the Shanghai Sharks a team owned by former NBA giant Yao Ming. According to the Grizzlies, B-Easy hasn’t even been playing well enough to travel with the team during preseason. Looks like another child-prodigy bites the dust. Will be interesting to see if he ever gets back to the league.


Drew is sick. Not in a literal sense but figuratively speaking. He cant believe B-Easy is going out like that. Thank God Chicago didn’t draft him #1 pick overall back in 08′. #SadBoyz – @Drewtheabstract