40s & Shorties has become just about everyone’s go to for socks that are anything but basic- and for good reason. Now the brand is back with their latest collection for the Fall/Winter, & the hilarity between the lookbook & the design choices continues to ensue.

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Maybe you’re feeling like Guwop (Gucci) today, & if that’s the case, there’s a pair of socks in the collection with his face on it, ice cream cone & all. Or maybe you’re in the mood for some chicken & beer (because, always)- and of course 40s has you covered. Their other designs include a pig decked out in a cop ‘fit, plus new 40s logos that everyone will love. All of their new socks are worn by a friend of the brand who is a deadringer for your favorite model (I kid, I kid). The lookbook was made to parody the “trill” streetwear brands, & the outcome is pure comedy. Enjoy the pics below, & head over to the 40s & Shorties site to cop a pair or three today.

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