The comedian leaves many in shock with her latest tirade.

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For quite some time now actress Amanda Bynes has been under public scrutiny for her outlandish & erratic behavior. While these displays have led most of us to believe that she has some sort of mental health issue, Ms. Bynes has decided to let us know whats been going on straight from her own mouth- or Twitter feed, rather.


Just a few hours ago Amanda jumped on the social networking site to air out her problems to the world:

If the first couple of tweets didn’t put you on edge, the ones that followed were deeply disturbing:

Amanda then went on to add that she will be getting a restraining order against her father today, saying “I cannot hear the sound of His incestually charged voice ever again and I’m just being honest.”

UPDATE– Amanda Bynes posted the following tweet taking all of her previous statements back:

Whether or not what Bynes tweeted was true or not, hopefully she gets the helps she need, & soon.


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