The Game gets it final farewell from BET

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BET recently announced that they are cancelling the tv show, The Game after its ninth season. Back in April, the cast announced that they were renewed for season eight and is currently renewed for the ninth & final season. This was not the first time the show was cancelled; back in 2009 it was pulled from the plug on CW.

The show creators Mara Brock and her husband Salim Akil just recently signed a tv deal with BET until 2016 and here is what she said about the end of The Game:


“I believe The Game and the richness of the characters, including building off of Girlfriends back when, has contributed to the conversation of where we are today in media, both in television and film as it relates to what we demand and what we want from characters that look like us, and stories that look like us,I’m very proud that, if you can trace back from the writing and the acting and the direction and the production design — we elevated that. I hope that would be a great legacy to leave behind. And that basically good storytelling can live. The bigger legacy was the conversation that the audience had with the network. There was a partnership that was created, and the use of social media — we were part of the history of television and how it interacts with social media and how it can be an asset to a show and the support of a show. I think The Game is locked in history about that movement.” 

It’s going to be sad to see our favorite characters go. Both seasons are set to premiere within the new year.

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