Episode 3 Scandal Recap

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Scandal was quite entertaining to view for all of the Gladiators out there! On yesterday’s episode, we watched two B613 couple reunite face to face, an ex Gladiator finally stick up for herself, a new flame & father go head to head, and a scandalous mother. So let’s recap this!

A close friend to Olivia needs help when her daughter suddenly runs away and goes missing. After tracking down the daughter, Olivia sends her friend to find her. Awakened in her sleep by Huck, he shows her a video of Liv’s friend having relations with her daughter’s boyfriend. Huck plays an audio of the last phone call between them in which it is revealed that the daughter was going to tell the truth about her mother and boyfriend. When Olivia tries to save the daughter, she is found died in a hotel room.


Jake runs into Charlie who he holds captive for some information involving Harrison and Jerry’s, Fitz son, deaths. Before Charlie could be tortured in a true B613 manner, Charlie requests one thing which is to see Quinn. Jake tricks Quinn and locks her in the room with Charlie. After sharing deep emotions on being lonely without Quinn, they share an intimate moment that Jake just so happens to interrupt. Meanwhile, Jake is giving Olivia the cold shoulder since she is in love with another man. He is still holding Olivia to the booty call rules. A saddened Olivia invites Jake to a dinner with her father, in which he declines.

After Charlie gives Jake the information that he needs, he accepts Olivia’s invitation for dinner with her dad. At dinner, Liv leaves the table to take a call when Jake finally approaches Papa Pope on him killing both Harrison and Jerry. Tossing around threats between the two, it seems that in episodes to come, the tension will continue to grow between the two.

Meanwhile at the White House, Fitz is trying to win the case on gun control. Feeling like he is going to lose, David goes to do some digging and finds out dirt on the judge. When he blackmails the judge to rule in his favor, the judge commits suicide. Mellie holds an embarrassing meeting in which Abby saves her. Impressed by that, Fitz apologizes and congratulates Abby on her hard work. She finally stands up for herself by telling Fitz her real name, seeing as how the whole White House calls her Gabby. Cyrus encounters the guy from the bar whom he pays to have sex with. After paying the male for sex, he runs to the person in charge who is after Cyrus and the White House.

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Meashel Monique