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What is it with photographers getting sonned these days?

Earlier this week, Jay Z shot back at a member of the paparazzi while he was walking with Blue Ivy in Paris after the photographer called out and asked “Who is he?”, obviously referring to Hov. Jay shadefully shot back “Who are YOU?”, complete with a retaliative glare, before the now viral clip cut off. Today, Diddy also finds himself mixed up with an overzealous paparazzi member, who got so close to Puff’s Maybach, he scratched the door of the car.


When a college kid finds a fallen autumn leaf on his ’94 Toyota Camry, they lose it, so imagine how one of the richest men in Hip-Hop react when a paparazzo–paparazzi already have a bad reputation among Hip-Hop stars, see: Kanye West–gets so close to his precious ride that he scratches it.

At one point, a member of Diddy’s entourage shouted out to the photographer, “Who’s going to pay for this?”

DIDDY IS! Is that a joke? In the latest edition of Forbes Magazine’s Wealthiest Artists In Hip-Hop list, Diddy’s estimated worth is $700 billion. The average paparazzi salary ranges, but it’s nothing even close.

Satire aside, check out the semi-amusing clip above.