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The price is… Wrong, VERY Wrong

We get it. You made it to ‘The Price Is Right.’ You’re in the audience with your friends, geekin out, thinking “wow I can’t believe I’m watching the price is right, live, this is a dream come true, maybe just maybe, they’ll pick me to play.”
Then it happens Bob Barker Drew Carrey calls your name “Corey come on downnnnn”.
You’re excited, you’re nervous, you’re overjoyed with the potential that you may leave the stage and come home with “A NEWWW CARRRR” or something else kinda dope. So when the first segment comes up and you have to bid on the item in question maybe you go a little too high, so instead of guessing $500 for something that is really $400 you go with $600, or maybe $650 even.


Unfortunately contest “Corey” had this exact thing happen to him except to the most, OD, ridiculous degree possible.  Corey had the vaunted position of going last; usually one where you can see what other people are bidding and be highly strategic with your price.  Unfortunately that did not happen

After his fellow contestants give bids of ,$750, $1200, & $755 Corey exclaims “$7000”
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.46.58 AM


His fellow contestant to his left, Sony tries to save him “7000 ? “ she says in bewilderment.

Corey again exclaims “7000” this time with a little bit of “did i F this up ” in his tone, and facial expression

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.46.17 AM

Drew Carrey somewhat in disbelief replies “7000 ?”  But it’s too late, Corey’s official bid is done, $7000!

The crowd now gets in on it yelling “Nooooo”

Drew Carrey reveals the actual price – $880. And with that, we have possibly one of the greatest game show moments of all time.  Watch above and enjoy.

Spencer can only hope to one day have a game show gaffe moment, that will live on far longer than a dumb hammock.  Follow him on Twitter – @sjeezs