Nessa brings the real with Her Source 

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Known for her bubbly personality and colorful yet eccentric hair, radio personality & LA diva Nessa chats with us exclusively about the new season of the hit show, Girl Code, her take on the NFL & domestic violence, who she’s crushing on, being part of The Source Power 30, and more. 

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How does it feel to be back on The Source’s Power 30 again?

Nessa: It feels great. It just shows that the power of radio, what it means,  and especially for as a woman to be placed among so many talented people. It’s great.

Who are some of the celebritiy interviews that you loved to do?

N: Awww, man that’s a good one. I would have to say Chris Brown, Katy Perry, and 50 Cent would probably be my favorite.

How does it feel to be back on Girl Code?

N: Oh my God, it’s great. It’s everything and more…I love what we do on Girl Code and you know, it’s funny, & we’re addressing issues that you know us girls might have and you know guys love to talk too because they want to understand us even more. So, it’s really exciting and I’m really excited for this new season. It’s going to be great.

Since were talking about Girl Code, what are some of the girl codes that you lived by?

N: Some of the girl codes that I live by is.. let me think of one. Definitely, you know I’m a fan of taking off my make up every single night even if you’re exhausted or wasted or whatever, you gotta take that time to take off the make up. I would also say when it comes to boys stop chasing them alright enough! You’re not the first person in the world to do that. You just totally relax, be confidant, and you know if the guy is into you, he’ll let you know & then you could get him some attention back. But definitely don’t be throwing it at a guy it’s too much.

Who is your #ManCrushMonday?

N: Awww man (laughs). You are good Matia. I’m going to have to go with Aldon Smith. He’s a football player, he plays for the 49ers.

October is domestic violence awareness month, what was your reaction to Ray Rice & other NFL players getting arrested?

N: You know what it could be unfortunate, it’s disappointing you know and it actually brought attention to you know that type of behavior and I think it enlightened people more & how common this is. I think now people are more aware of it, I don’t think that it’s enough in the sense of just aware…I think that we need to be more active when we know someone that we care about is going through something like that, you know the first thing you could do is to give them to go get help.

Besides being a radio personality & a star on Girl Code, tell us the one thing that fans don’t know about you. 

N: Hmmmm, the one thing that the fans don’t know about me. I would like to say I’m a foodie. I love to eat & try different places. I am that one person you will see eating by themselves trying different foods in different places. So, I’m a loner and I like to try different places.

What are some of your upcoming projects, you have in the works?

N: Right now, I would say other than I have a couple different tv projects that I’m currently working on hopefully it goes through and also I’ve been working on different types of you know art. For me, creating different types of art such as working with another photographer. I’m actually working with right now with a photographer and his name is Nisha. We’re going to be putting out some creative art work, you know different types of shirt. I also creative some jewelry art that I would like to put out and it’s inspired from the Egyptian theme. I love Egypt so it was definitely inspired by that and I’m also working on a mixtape because I think a lot of time us girls don’t have a chance to explore that world. I love music so I’ve been contacting artists that I’m cool with, different producers, and putting a mixtape together it is harder than you think let me tell you. It is a full process because you have to get clearances and you know there’s a 1,000 things that you have to get cleared before you could put a song out. I’m looking forward to it but the process is strenuous for sure but I am excited for the mixtape and I am looking forward to it.

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