The crimes get crazier, and crazier

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This is for sure one of the more shell-shocking crime stories of the week.

A nurse, Daniela Poggiali,  has been arrested in Italy because authorities are under the impression that she’s responsible for the pre-mature deaths of just under a whopping total of 40 patients. And it wasn’t accidental. Authorities believe the nurse killed these patients because they annoyed her.


All of the details of the investigation have yet to be released, but authorities did come across suspicious findings in Poggiali’s phone, including a thumbs-up selfie she snapped next to a patient who recently died. Her colleagues describe her as a “cold” person, and there are 38 other cases of patients who mysteriously died while under Poggiali’s care that are being investigated.

A fellow nurse reported that Poggiali was once reported for giving her patients powerful laxatives to make work harder for the nurse whose shift started behind hers.