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The Walking Dead Returns!

After what seemed to be 6 month long hiatus, AMC’s number one show The Walking Dead returns with a bang! Season 5’s premier episode gave fans more than they expected including tons of action. Carol is a hero, Tyreese is still a good guy and Rick is the wrong one to mess with! Here are our favorite moments from the premier episode of Season 5!

1. As we all suspected, Terminus was not a sanctuary for those who survive, but a place to be slaughtered and eaten by cannibals. Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob find themselves in a tough spot as the Terminus ring leader instructs his cronies to kill them. After watching 4 necks get sliced in front of them, it seems certain that the teams luck has come to an end.

2. Tyreese and Carol walk up on a Terminus employee talking about killing Carl and capture him in hopes of finding Rick and the group. Tyreese stays behind with the intruder while Carol goes off to find the group.


3. Back in the butcher room, Glenn is next to get slauhgtered when Carol explodes a propane tank causing walker mayhem and giving Rick a chance to kill his captors and free his group. Burning walkers attack from every angle giving Carol a chance to blend in as a walker and explore Terminus in search of her friends.

4. The group breaks free and discovers human body parts strewn throughout the building. Rick instructs them to kill everyone on sight. Still showcasing his humanity, Glenn and Rick decide to release some of the captors in other freight trains. A delirious man storms out at Rick but is quickly devoured by a walker. Inside the freight train the rest of the group get ready for war while Michonne creates her own makeshift double edge Kitana. Rick finds the group and releases them and they commence to killing walkers in an attempt to escape.

5. Carol discovers the groups weapons and grabs Daryl’s bow and heads for the exit. The crazy cannibal cook almost gets the drop on Carol who turns the tables around and demands an explanation. The cook explains that before they took over, men were raping the women and chaos ensued. They decided you are either the butcher or the cannibal and began a new ritual.

6. The group escapes Terminus and run into Carol and a mini reunion occurs. Carol instructs the group to go with her and Rick and Carl run straight to Tyreese who hands over Judith.

7. The entire group heads to the woods to find a new place of refuge and at the very end of the episode a familiar face returns….Morgan!

Stay tuned next week to AMC TV’s The Walking Dead at 9pm and recap our favorite moments on !

-Courtney Brown