The more serious side of the now viral clip

Donna Goudeau is the subject of a rather popular Instagram, Vine and YouTube clip, which features her yelling “Mama I love you, P.o.p., hold it down” out of a police car window, an obvious ode to her parents, who she won’t be seeing for quite some time.

The real story behind this, according to the Beaumont Enterprise, is Goudeau and two other people forced their way into the hotel room of a 73-year old Kansas man, stole his car, debit card and cash, and left him to cope with his injuries, which included stab wounds. Later that day, Goudeau and her three alleged accomplices were found still in possession of the victim’s belongings, and they were immediately arrested and indicted, which is when the following video clip, 6-15 seconds of which have since gone viral, was shot.

The less comedic side of this is Goudeau, who is now famous on social media, was eventually convicted by a jury of her peers in 2011. Her fate? 18 years behind bars. She will be incarcerated until the year 2029, which by any standards is a really long time.