A popular designer bag’s scent leaves many people in a daze.

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Apparently Hermès has a new addition to their line- marijuana-scented handbags.


Yes, you read that right. According to PageSix the Paris-based brand is in hot water due to customers complaining that their recent Hermès purchases smell strongly of marijuana & skunk. Buyers have been told by the company that due to “badly tanned” leather some of their bags begin to reek of the substance when put in heat.

This may not sound like the worst news to some, but when you pay over $20,000 for a purse it’s easy to see why people are up in arms about it. Staff at their luxury stores are reportedly saying the bags must be returned to Paris to have their leather panels taken off & repaired- their customers undoubtedly agree.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

Kairi will just stick to her Asos bags- at least they’re scent-free. Follow her on Twitter @_findingforever.