For most of us, there was a time in our lives where working in the food industry was our only option. I remember personally the times I had to buy black, slip-resistant shoes for a fast-food job, not wanting to mess up the kicks I worked so hard to get (My Area 72’s clashed with the McDonalds uniform, anyway).

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Fortunately for us Vans has come up with a solution for people who want to work in style. Their latest collaboration had them team up with No. 7 Chef Tyler Kord to create a pair of their Classic Slip-Ons that are perfect for restaurant employees. The specialized kicks come with patented Vansguard outer coating to help protect your shoes against spills in the kitchen, a siped outsole for extra grip, & an all-black design to not only abide by restaurant rules & regulations but to hide any and all stains.

Check them out in the gallery below, & look out for their release date in the coming days.


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