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Can’t knock Tray off the food chain..

Bronx rapper Tray Pizzy lit up the stage with his performance at our SOURCE 360 Unsigned Hype Competition last month. Today, Tray releases the video to one of the popular tracks from his mixtape The Truman Show entitled “Oh No” directed by Jaison Blackrose and Tray Pizzy himself. The visuals are creative and animalistic. With a metaphorical approach, Tray and his team are in a jungle-like setting dressed up as animals. Tray, the leader of the pack, lets everyone know that no one is messing with his team and they’re going to be on top no matter what. The video has appearances by KAMO, WIB and his Broke & Trippy family. “Oh No” is the second single from Tray Pizzy’s mixtape, The Truman Show, you can download it here.



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1 Comment

  • GEZE says:

    The video is just a bite but dont take it personal if you diss rappers in your rymes they are gonna diss you back right!!!