The White House needs a new social media advisor, stat

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Michelle Obama has led a healthy eating, anti-obesity initiative for pretty much her entire tenure as The First Lady of the United States, so it’s pretty obvious why she jumped at the chance to turn Lil’ Jon’s hit single, “Turn Down For What”, into “Turnip For What”. The turnip part of it isn’t exactly original, memes using turnips to convey “turn up” have been used profusely on Twitter and Instagram, but Mrs. Obama brought it to life using The White House’s Vine account–we didn’t even know they had one–and the results were, well, less than flattering.

The dope thing about middle-aged people using songs popular amongst millennials, a la Tracee Ellis Ross and Young Thug, is that usually they genuinely have exactly no idea what’s going on, so their attempts to decipher and understand them come off as pure confusion, which in turn is quite hilarious. However, in Michelle Obama’s case, she knew exactly what she was doing, yet it still seemed as if she was reading off a teleprompter. The final product, well, view below.