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Gambino’s been reading the book of Bronson

Childish Gambino is one of the most popular Hip-Hop artists out right now, and his well received new mixtape, STN MTN/Kauai, definitely helps build off his 2013 success, when he had the fourth highest-selling rap album of the year. His energetic live show compliments his music, and weird moments like these represent the type of music Gambino actually makes.


In the above clip, the “3005” rapper actually pauses a performance of “Worldstar” to climb down off the stage, and turn a fan’s phone horizontal to show him the proper way to capture a Gambino show. For what purpose? Probably none. Except to coincide with “My n***a hold it horizontal man, be professional,” the “Worldstar” lyrics he was rapping at the time. “Worldstar” is about the culture of teenagers that are obsessed with capturing crazy incidents on video while yelling “Worldstar”, so it was actually a very appropriate antic. Go Gambino.