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Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles has become the nucleus for creative, self-starters looking to cultivate the next generation of music, streetwear, and all things awesome. The folks over at Pivot TV‘s upcoming series Welcome To Fairfax look to highlight the wellspring of talent at the crux of this budding cultural epicenter.

Per a press release for the show:


… The next generation of tastemakers are coming up on “The Block” like the emerging culture brand Just Be Cool at YOUth [retail store and gallery] and the on-the-cusp underground hip-hop group, The Chill Black Guys (CBG).  From all over the country, Fairfax draws a diverse group of BMXers, skateboarders, visual artists, designers, and filmmakers driven to succeed on their own terms despite their personal circumstances.  A “Do It Yourself” code powers everyone while collaborations across music, fashion, art, and action sports unite the creators to build their own brands and images. Welcome To Fairfax looks at the lives, hopes and obstacles of the ambitious young visionaries driving the scene forward into the future and pursuing their versions of the new American dream.

Welcome to Fairfax‘s cast centers around Gavin “Mizzle” McNeill, a harbinger of the the new age of Los Angeles streetwear culture.

Mizzle is a self-taught fashion designer and a social activist, and the embodiment of the “do it yourself” ethic that pervades the Fairfax scene.  Amidst the streetwear giants on the block, Mizzle is an underdog competing to build a true global brand.  Mizzle’s life is a constant juggling act–running the business and creative aspects of his retail store “YOUth,” taking care of his ailing father, and preparing for parenthood with his girlfriend, Felicia.

“JBC (JUST BE COOL) is a progressive lifestyle and brand focused on promoting positivity through art and fashion,” says Mizzle. “Our retail store and gallery YOUth on Fairfax also serves as a platform for the emerging creators of the world.  Our motto is ‘For the YOUth, by the YOUth.’ And by YOUth we mean the YOUthful minded because YOUth has no age.”

Fans of streetwear and fashion or those who just want to get an edge up on the brands that will undoubtedly flood the streets within coming years would be remised to not catch the premiere of Welcome to Fairfax on Pivot TV on Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. (EST).


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