The Timberland brand is no stranger to collaborations with other brands. But not many artists can say they’ve worked with them to create a pair just for themselves.

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Abel Tesfaye can, though.

Artist The Weeknd previewed a photo of his exclusive one-of-one boots on Instagram a few days ago, & he left almost 60,000 of his fans with the question of where they could get a pair of their own (one even claimed she would “sell her soul”- okay).


The Weeknd’s 6″ Timberland Boot was made for his successful King of the Fall Tour, and now that’s its over, the only place these can be seen are in his closet. The Weeknd’s crew name “XO” is embossed into the all-black boot’s upper, complimented with an olive midsole & laces to give Tesfaye’s shoes a more personal flair. Complete with his name etched into the boot’s collar & “Official Issue XO” on the tags, this may just be Timberland’s greatest collab yet. Do you agree?


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