This rising star is setting America on it’s ears

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Known for her majestic voice, Karine Hannah is setting the record straight in this exclusive interview with Her Source about making her transition from Montreal to New York, being signed to Cash Money, her musical influences, and so much more.

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How did you get signed to Cash Money?

Karine Hannah: My music was playing in the background in my lawyer’s office and my lawyer is Cash Money’s lawyer Edward R. Grauer, Esq. in his office and they asked, “who is that in the background, who’s singing” then he told them and one thing led to another. They were like, “Oh my GOD we want to sign to her.”

What inspired the single, “Burning Up”?

K.H.: What inspired the single, “Burning Up” was the first situation that I’ve been in not long ago where I was in a relationship that you know I was being lied to. But I wanted a song to represent that relationship where he didn’t want to leave the relationship, he was trying to give me the run around about something that he did and I didn’t want to hear about it because I knew he was lying. So I told myself that it was a topic that people could relate to.

In three words, how would you describe you music?

K.H.: Over the top, pop, and dance

Who inspired you musically?

K.H.: People that inspire me msuically the most are some of the good artists people like Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, then Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey

What was the transition like crossing over Montreal to the States?

K.H.: Life in Montreal is very much everything is French and although I sing in French and done a lot of French recording. I really felt like I needed to be here in New York. I wanted to sing in English so I came to New York trying to land a record a deal and do my thing here. It wasn’t the easiest transition because it was hard and even though, Montreal is a big metropolitan city but it was a culture shock because there is such more urban feel here as compose to Montreal doesn’t have much of an urban feel but I’m loving it.

Tell us one thing that fans don’t know about you.

K.H.: There’s a lot but the one I would choose is I love chewing bubble gum and I like blowing big bubbles.

If you had a dream collaboration with any singer or rapper, who will it be with? & why?

K.H.: Right now in my mind it would be Twista and I would love to collaborate with Twista. At the time, when he came out he really hit me over the head. I thought that he is really talented and something unique about him it always stuck with me. I feel like he came & went so quickly and I don’t think people had an chance to see his talent.

When can fans expect your debut album?

K.H.: Right now, we’re looking at late fall/early winter

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