We’re taking it to the future with one of next year’s biggest scheduled releases.

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Prepare for liftoff on September 8th, 2015…Hopefully.


This is the date many sneakerheads are looking forward to next year.

“Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes.”Tinker Hatfield via NiceKicks


While it has been confirmed, don’t expect for there to be many of them released. You may remember when they appeared out of nowhere back in 2011, with only 1,510 pairs sold (how did that turn out for you?- Exactly). Though they didn’t come with the self-lacing feature we’ve grown to be in awe of, Hatfield hinted at this being a definite possibility for next year’s release.


So many questions remained unanswered about what will most likely be the biggest sneaker release of 2015. Let us know what you’d be willing to spend (or sell) in order to have a pair on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. And there’s no wrong answer, guys, for these may just be THE BEST SNEAKERS OF ALL TIME.

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