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The Uncapped Series was the place to be. 

Before the concert began, there was opportunity for guests to mingle, take photos in the photo booths and enjoy some hip hop and rap hits by the DJ. The entertainment was  provided by the Fader Magazine with drinks provided by vitaminwater that highly elated the cool and ambient lights romanticized the mood for a chill and delightful vibe awaiting the performances of DJ Envy, Vic Mensa and a surprise headliner that was  highly anticipated.

Being as the venue was a very intimate setting, there were no chairs so the whole floor was open to the people to move as they pleased at the event.  The DJ in the beginning was  playing classic rap/ hip hop  tracks  in the beginning such as  “I’m Coming Out” by Biggie Smalls and newer songs like “Move that Dough”  by Future  and “Pour it Up” by Rihanna could be heard in the air.  It was enamoring to see diverse youth with great style sensibility such as plaid shirts, denim,  leather, and camouflage printed garments enjoying the melodies that played out. After the initial track listing, DJ Envy came out from the Power 105.1 and the Breakfast Club to take over, and boy did he hype the show! He hyped the crowd up by stating “if you’re feeling good, hold your hands up” as well as connecting with the crowd on basis of location “Where my Brooklyn people at.” As well as allowing the crowd to sing along to the lyrics of “Welcome To My House Party”. The bass radiating from the music was something you could feel all around you and as the audience could feel  every note and beat which was spectacular.  Other songs such as “It’s your birthday” played as well as “We Dem Boyz,” the quintessential hype songs to get the crowd in that feel good mood. Because of this, the synthesizing of the songs together kept the scene fresh and thoroughly enjoyable.


Afterwards  Vic  Mensa came out full throttle onto the stage dressed in an all-black ensemble of leather jacket pants, boots and black bandana he started the night of with his track “You In My City Now”. Heengaged the crowd wanting us to move closer to interact and feel what he was trying to emote. He then proceeded to rap tracks off of the INNANET mixtape singing “Hollywood LA” which was cool because of the bass groove beat  that was so funky and psychedelic by his friend and fellow guitarist Elijah from the band Kids These Days and “Lovely Day”, and his single debut “Down On My Luck”. He frequently collaborates with Chance The Rapper and sang “Cocoa Butter Kisses”.  He was very passionate and expressed all styles of music creativity. He’ll rap, then go into a ballad while incorporating elements of soul and electronic instrumentals as well which is something that is very hard to do effectively. Mensa however broke this stereotype and proves mastery at the art.  He even broke out in dance. Before every song he gave a little anecdote sharing the meaning. Then DJ envy Came back out and played songs such as “Swag Surfing” and “Wu Tang” to get us ready for the headliner.

Vic Mensa hydrates the hustle at vitaminwater® & The FADER uncapped music series by Roger Kisby and Ryan Muir (2)

The headliner that was heavily anticipated  was revealed to be Trey Songz  accompanied by a band of trombones, trumpet,  guitar, saxophone, and drums he  sang “Heart Attack”  and the wildly popular song off his newer album newer “Foreign.” Hyping us and his band he sang “Can’t Help But Wait.” He gave words of wisdom as there’s nothing you can’t do. You can really see the liveliness and happiness he had on his face he even took the phone of an audience member and recorded himself smiling and making silly faces! A girl in the audience had a birthday so he proceeded to sing  his song “It’s Your Birthday” as well.  Shortly after, his guitarist proceeded with a groovy guitar arrangement, that was beyond comprehension. Next, he performed “Bottoms Up”  after  hydrating with his complementary vitaminwater. As the night came to a close, he sang “Oh Nah Nah.” Then he went into his song “Successful “ expressing the drive to keep pushing forward and working at your craft.

All in all the experience was enthralling.

-Breanna Robinson