There’s no such thing as a missed opportunity, is there Cam?

Cam’ron is notorious for accessorizing. He walked the runway with his girlfriend JuJu wearing capes from his own fashion line, he dictated a whole era of NY fashion with his affinity for pink minks and cars in the early Dipset days, and in case you haven’t heard, there are Dipset socks. That being said, a mask covering one’s face to prevent contact with disease isn’t an accessory, but rather preemptive, possibly life-saving action, but according to Killa, there’s no reason he can’t get into that business too.

Wrap it up and protect yourself from Ebola just like Killa Cam! “Provides complete protection while remaining light and comfortable. Polypropylene outer facing offers a soft, fluid protection barrier while the cellulose inner facing assures comfort and breathability. A full-width nosepiece guarantees proper fit. Latex-free ear loops.

That’s the message you get when you hit the website. You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty easy sell. Stay protected from Ebola and re-live one of the great times of NY rap simultaneously. Who wouldn’t?