With Bluetooth speakers being the latest big thing in home theater entertainment, there are a lot of brands trying and experimenting with loads of new features. Whether you’re at home, outside, on the beach or just chillin’ with your friends, theres a Bluetooth speaker with your name on it.
Skull Candy, a renowned & respected company when it comes to headphones and Budweiser, America’s first national beer brand have come together to bring you a new twist on the already known Air Raid speaker.
The Budweiser Air Raid is Skull Candy’s loudest edition of the speaker making it the ultimate party accessory.

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This collab is super limited but thanks to the great people at Skull Candy/Budweiser, I was able to get my hands on one of these awesome devices. My package came to my office complete with a wooden carrying case, which could also be styled as a cool board to play checkers. The box contained all the necessities for a mini party for that exact moment – a 6-pack Budweiser, bottle cap checker pieces, and of course – my own Air Raid. On the crate it advertised “BLUETOOTH… DROP PROOF… WATER RESISTANT.” I was mostly interested in seeing just how loud this speaker could get, I had the closest person connect their Bluetooth (We were welcomed by the Air Raid’s fun tuning sound and theres even a voice that lets you know when you’re “connected”. Its a girl.), play a song from Kanye’s Yeezus album and to all of our surprise, the little speaker packed a punch! It sounded way better than the audio from the laptops in the area for sure.
So now back to tackling the list on the crate, “drop proof, huh?” Well, drop proof is kind of a no brainer when you look at the speaker draped in its red rubber shock proof case, (an ideal feature for parties, huh?). But you still gotta wonder how drop proof could a high-tech speaker really could be… so i pushed it off the table… and after a little bounce, Yeezus continued to power through the room.
As for the waterproof feature, I took the Air Raid home for a test because, who doesn’t enjoy singing in the shower? Lets just say… between my mom, brother and I, the speaker hasn’t left the bathroom shelf in a week and a half and has survived through showers, me washing my hair, and other household chores.
Air Raid has passed the durability test with flying colors. Oh, and did I mention the 14 hour rechargeable battery?! Win.


You can find the Budweiser Air Raid at limited retailers listed on the Skull Candy website along with countless other goodies.

Get yours before they’re all gone!


Shenae’s probably had one too many Budweisers and tweeting Ty Dolla $ign lyrics while listening to his latest via her Air Raid, see for yourself.