“I feel like folks want that soul food, not that fast food.” – Scotty ATL

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Atlanta rap has traveled quite the transformation over the past 5 years, from snap music to twerk music, but the real stories from the hoods and everyday non-reality show lives in Atlanta have been typically ignored on mainstream airways. A humble but hardworking storyteller, Scotty ATL reveals a different side of Atlanta music with his latest project, Spaghetti Junction” releasing Tuesday on LiveMixtapes. Also known as the “Tom Moreland interchange” (after a former Georgia Department of Transportation commissioner), Spaghetti Junction refers to the convergence of I-85 and I-285 in Dekalb County, GA, in metro Atlanta’s East Side.

“Spaghetti Junction” is the latest installment from the burgeoning talent hoping to solidify his name beyond Atlanta and across the mainstream music scene. Production credits include DJ Toomp, K.E On The Track, Five Points, Childish Major, DJ Burn One, Cassius Clay, Bnice, Sledgren. 


The mixtape brings back the “Old Atlanta” sound in which the blend of hip-hop storytelling colored with positive energy and vibes we received from other Atlanta hip hop trailblazers such as the legendary Goodie Mobb; as well as hip hop/R&B/soul/ inspiration from the Dungeon Family (Big Gipp appears on the song, “Another Day Another Dolla”) and the eclectic sound of OutKast are obvious influences. Songs like “Go Up”, “Late Night, Early Mornings” and “Stress Free” are true riding tunes guaranteed to be tracks that will endure the “heard-today, trash-tomorrow” playlist rotation. 

At Monday night’s listening preview for Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta, Scotty ATL remarked, “Everybody wanna be famous, nobody wants to be great. I just wanna be great. Whatever comes after that is in the hands of the man upstairs.”

Well, go ahead and “Make ATL proud”. Download the mixtape via LiveMixtapes and follow Scotty ATL on IG at @ScottyATL.


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